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JioFiber Wi-Fi router only offering 50Mbps Internet speed: Here's how to get full 100Mbps Wi-Fi speed


  • JioFIber Wi-Fi routers are said to offer only 50Mbps speeds.
  • Jio offered as standard single-band routers to existing subscribers.
  • To get full 100Mbps speed, subscribers need to purchase a dual-band Wi-Fi router.

Earlier this month, JioFiber prices were announced officially for all the plans and while there's an ongoing debate as to whether it's cheaper than any other broadband service in the market or not. However, what impressed many potential buyers was that Jio promised to offer minimum network speeds of 100Mbps, which is a substantial move over its rivals, given that most offer lower speeds for similar prices. However, Jio's claims may not have been delivered clearly and there's a catch to the 100Mbps speed.

New JioFiber connections are yet to be installed post the announcement of prices but those who had enrolled for the Preview offer are enjoying the new services. Before the launch, Jio was offering the service for free but was charging Rs 4,500 as a security deposit for the dual-band Wi-Fi router. Later, Jio lowered the security deposit to Rs 2,500 but started offering only a single-band Wi-Fi router. And those subscribers who got the Preview offer for the lower price are now getting only half the speeds of what was promised.

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According to a report from 91Mobiles, those subscribers of JioFiber who have been using the service with the single-band router are only getting speeds of around 50Mbps. That's half of what Jio promised. However, it is said that Jio is still offering 100Mbps speed if subscribers access it via the Ethernet cable.

Therefore, if you connect the JioFiber connection to a laptop or PC with Ethernet, only then you will be able to get the full 100Mbps promised speed. If you are accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi router, the speeds will be throttled down to 50Mbps. That's a degradation of 50 per cent in network speeds.

However, JioFiber personnel have said that the lower Wi-Fi speed is due to the single-band router that was provided as part of the package. The single-band router only supports the 2.5GHz bandwidth which is quite slow. It is said that if the subscriber goes for a dual-band router with support for both 2.5GHZ and 5GHZ bandwidths, the Wi-Fi speeds will go up to 100Mbps. Hence, in order to get the full 100Mbps speed, you will have to buy a new Wi-Fi router in order to get the full speed.

It's not yet known whether Jio will continue to offer the same single-band router when it starts installations of the new connections after the price announcement. If that's not the case, then JioFiber subscribers will have to buy a dual-band router to enjoy the full Internet speed.

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